Bliss Sprinkle Projects

What's a Bliss Sprinkle?
A bliss sprinkle is a form of freely sharing your bliss in anyway shape or form with the intention just to share and give.

Here at Love Letter Nation we believe in you. We believe in your power to change the world.
And we know who you are really does make a massive difference in the world.

Regardless, if you are in humanitarian efforts or not your existence alone effects and inspires all that are around you and beyond.
Let's go from our heads into our hearts not only does it feel good but that's what we are here for.
We are all on our own journey but we are all doing this journey together.

Be the bliss sprinkler that you are and sprinkle your bliss in your neck of the woods! By giving a epic sending a beautiful smile to a stranger are just a couple of ways to sprinkle your bliss.
If you would like to post a "i love you" or "be all that you are" bliss sprinkle, message us and we can send you the template to print out and sprinkle in your neck of the woods :)

Go Green! Mission and Bliss Sprinkle Events:

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