Tuesday, August 27, 2013

What's Love Letter Nation?
Love Letter Nation is apart of the luvolution.

What's the luvolution?
The luvolution is a beautiful radical conscious shift with in.
A shift from our heads into our hearts.
A intentional mindful dance that always returns us back to our truth, and into our hearts.

Love Letters sparked the luvolution within me. It all started from a magical moment when I found a old box of old love letters.  After reading all the letters and cards from my childhood and beyond it left me inside my heart so much that from that moment on, I made a sacred promise within to incorporate love letters in life. There is something truly sacred and magical when you take the time to write a love letter. Your mind slows down and I believe that's when your heart can sing. 
Viva la luvolution!

With love namaste,
founder of Love Letter Nation